On Being a Grandparent

Not Your Mother's Book. . . On Being a Grandparent
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Tentative Chapter Titles     (subject to change as the book progresses)

Spoiling the Grandkids     Then sending them home.
Learning the (Multiplication) Tables      Grandparenting several grandchildren at once.
Show and Tell     The surprising things grandkids do and say.
Tears of Joy     Celebrating the accomplishments of your grandkids.
Always on Call     When you’ve grown up to become the babysitter.
Pete and Repeat     Your kids are raised; now you’re raising theirs.
Living in the Jungle     And other imaginary fun with grandkids.
Long-distance Grandparenting     Holding them close when they’re far away.
Old-fashioned Fun     Electronics not included!
Cooking Up a Storm     Mixing it up in Grandma’s kitchen.
Growing Old     When your kids and grandkids try to raise you.
Oops!     The follies of grandparenting.