On the Book-Promotion Road Again

My husband, Bob, and I loaded our motor home Friday, November 1, 2013 and drove three hours to Kirkland, Washington, to be vendors at the Northwest Bookfest. What would we sell? The book I co-created, Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Being a Parent and the five other Not Your Mother's Books.  Besides taking all six of the humorous Not Your Mother's Books, we also packed our motor home full of wooden signs with sayings like "I'd Rather be Reading" and "Nonfiction is My Addiction." I couldn't have done this alone. Bob strapped wire grid racks to the back of the motor home. We used the racks to display the signs at the festival. We filled the inside of the vehicle with totes and boxes filled with books and signs. Luckily, we were allowed to set up the day before the festival opened. Otherwise, we wouldn't have had much room to sleep in our motor home. Sure, we could have put together a simple booth . . . maybe just a table with a tablecloth and a couple of signs. But at an event with table after table of books, it's important to be noticed.