Business Cards Introduce Your Book

A business card can be used in many ways. I wanted a card that I could hand to prospective book purchasers, a card to include in mailings, and a card that would look like a miniature of my book when standing on a table. That's why I chose a folded card.

Business card prices can vary widely. Whether you order from your local printer or from an online site, always get a proof and make any corrections before ordering the cards. Get a price quote in writing.

Remember that the more cards you order, the lower the price; but every feature you add will cost more. Mine is double the size of a standard busines card; it has printing on both the front and the back; it is folded; it has a glossy coat on the outside. All those things cost more money. But even with all those features, my cards were just over ten cents each when I ordered 1000 cards! "What?" you might say. "1000 cards is a lot of cards!"

And my reply to you: "How many books do you want to sell? Just 200?" Think big. I'm already thinking about my next order of cards. If you have plenty of cards, you will be driven to put them out in front of more people.

On the inside of my card, I listed some of the humorous story titles from Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Being a Parent. On the opposite page, I gave information on the publisher, Publishing Syndicate. 

The back side includes my photo, the books I am co-creating, and my contact information.