"OMG! My Reality"

Books by and for young readers and writers.

Publishing Syndicate needs your stories for these three books:

OMG! My Reality! For Kids, For Preteens and For Teens

Story Submission Guidelines

This new anthology will be a collection of personal real-life stories written by and about kids, preteen and teens. We are looking for humorous, heart-warming, wistful, and inspiring stories written by individuals 25 years old and younger.

If you have a story to tell about your personal experience that is sure to touch the hearts, lives and souls of youth just like you all over the world, we would love to read it and consider it for publication. Please follow the submission guidelines listed below:

1. Your story must be a true account of something that has happened to you or someone you know. It must be written in the first person, past tense.

2. The contributor (you) must be 25 years old or younger at the time of story submission.

3. Your story must be between 500 and 1,200 words, neither more nor less.

To parents: As much as you would like to, please do not write your child's story for them. Nancy Withers is a retired educator (40+ years) and Dahlynn McKowen has read more than 100,000 anthology stories to date: together, they more than likely will be able to tell if a story is written by an adult. If either creator is uncertain of the contributor's "voice" then the story will probably not be selected. It is fine to help your child, but again, please do not write the story on their behalf. Thank you.

Story submission process:  All stories must come through our electronic submission form. We will not accept any mailed or e-mailed submissions. And please do not send e-mails asking if your story has been accepted for publication; we will not respond. Know that the story evaluation process typically will take six to nine months. However, if we are interested in considering your story, you will receive an e-mail notification directly from us. From that point, we will set up a line of communication with you which may include helping you edit your story to clarify your message or make your story stronger.  Keep in mind that your story will still be under consideration, not accepted for publication.

Consideration/Compensation: As a contributor to books in the OMG! My Reality! series, you will receive:

  1. Five copies of the book.
  2. 50% discount on the purchase of additional copies, which you may give as gifts or sell and keep the profit or donate it to your school or other organization.

Deadline: Open until we get enough workable stories to fill a title.

Click here for full submission guidelines.