I don't play computer games.  But I could spend all day, day after day, editing and proofreading.  It is my addicting game.

In today's world of selfpublished books, many authors hurry to write and publish a book, without taking the time to have it professionally edited.  It shows.  Many of the books I buy today, both self-published and traditionally published books, are poorly edited.  Why, I ask myself, would someone take the time to write a book and not have it professionally proofread and edited?  Does it mean that little to them?

Even if you are are great at spelling, grammar and proofreading, I recommend that you have your book professionally edited.  Another trained set of eyes can usually help you create a better book.

I'm tired of readng poorly edited books.  From now on, before I buy I will read a few pages of a book.  If I see many errors in those few pages, I will vote with my dollars—I will not buy the book, even if I've been told it contains a good story.

One goal of a writer is to write so that the reader does not stop in his tracks saying, "What? What is this supposed to mean?  Is this the wrong word?"  A good editor can help the writer eliminate roadblocks.

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Acknowledgments from Not Your Mother's Books:

Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Being a Stupid Kid
On Being a Stupid Kid--
"Thank you, Pat Nelson, for being the proofreader of proofreaders.  You outdid yourself."

Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Dogs
On Dogs--
"Thank you to Pat Nelson, for being Publishing Syndicate's proofreader extraordinaire. 

Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Travel
On Travel--
"Thank you, Pat Nelson, for being our proofreader extraordinaire.  You R the "bestest" proofer in the "hole" world!!

On Home Improvement--
"And thank you to Pat Nelson for her excellent proofing skills. This means the world to us because her grandkids were visiting for a week when we sent her the manuscript.  Pat told us she read between fun outings and when the kids were plugged in to their video games.  You are an awesome proofer, friend, grandma, and juggler!"