Sample Stories Stand Out

When you are a vendor at a festival, it is sometimes difficult to get passersby to stop at your booth without tripping them! And if you do that, you might not be invited back! Instead, to initiate conversation, I placed  sample stories from all six of the Not Your Mother's Books into brightly colored envelopes. As people walked by, I held out the basket of envelopes and said, "Would you like a FREE sample story from one of the Not Your Mother's Books? Most were thrilled to be offered something that was FREE even though they couldn't see what was inside the envelope. Many took great care in selecting their envelopes. Some chose their favorite color. Others hovered a hand over the basket until deciding which was the lucky envelope. Of course each contained a great story, so they were all lucky envelopes! Once someone stopped at my booth,I had an opportunity to tell them about the books. And guess what . . . some came back after reading the sample story to buy books!