Selling at a Book Festival? What Not To Do

  You've written a book. Now it's time to head for the book fair to try to sell some copies. Here are 10 mistakes I've seen:
1. Author purchased space but didn't show up (Maybe the author had a good excuse?!!)
2. Author did not bring table covers. The bare table looked ugly.
3. Author placed a few books on the table, but nothing else to attract a buyer.

Make your display festive and colorful. Add something to attract attention. In the display above, two racks of wooden signs attract attention to this book display.

4. Author sold a book but didn't have change. (Must not have expected to sell any books.)
5. Author decided he needed some signs so wrote them on notebook paper.
6. Author was asked to autograph a book but didn't have a pen. Note: Be sure you have    a pen that does not bleed through the paper.
7.Author left the table or booth for long periods of time.
8. Author spent the day knitting or on the Internet and didn't make eye contact with shoppers.
9. Author arrived late and set up while shoppers were already browsing.
10. Author got bored and packed up while shoppers were still browsing.