WordFest Writers Meet

WordFest meets the first Tuesday of every month from 6-8 p.m. in Longview, Washington. At this time, the group meets at Cassava Restaurant. Writers and anyone who likes to hear a good story fill the restaurant to hear the night's sheduled readers. Book launches are held and portions of works-in-progress are tried out on the audience.

I've had two book launches at WordFest, one for Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Being a Parent and one for "Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Working for a Living." Because these are anthologies, I have invited others from the area who have stories in the book to read.

The first time I read at WordFest, I was terrified to read in front of an audience. I shook like a leaf on a windy day. I went right out and bought a lectern to donate to WordFest, a big chunk of wood that I could hide behind instead of standing behind that skinny microphone pole!

WordFest changed locations, and our lectern did not follow us. After a few tries in front of an audience, I no longer need that piece of security.