Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Being a Parent

Business Cards Introduce Your Book

A business card can be used in many ways. I wanted a card that I could hand to prospective book purchasers, a card to include in mailings, and a card that would look like a miniature of my book when standing on a table. That's why I chose a folded card.

Sample Stories Stand Out

When you are a vendor at a festival, it is sometimes difficult to get passersby to stop at your booth without tripping them! And if you do that, you might not be invited back! Instead, to initiate conversation, I placed  sample stories from all six of the Not Your Mother's Books into brightly colored envelopes.

Acknowledge Blog Posts

Enjoy every bit of good publicity you receive and remember to say "thank you."Don't forget to be grateful. Lisa Lange, who contributed her story Lessons I Learned From Apollo 13 to the book I co-created Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Being a Parent, received kudos from Jo-Ann Carson on her blog

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