Not Your Mother's Book

Laugh Until You Pee

Dahlynn and Ken McKowen of Publishing Syndicate launched their Laugh Until You Pee blog in October. The McKowens post humorous stories from their Not Your Mother's Book anthology series. For lots of laughs, sign up today at You'll see why you should purchase all the books in the series! Available at and from your favorite online bookseller.

Sample Stories Stand Out

When you are a vendor at a festival, it is sometimes difficult to get passersby to stop at your booth without tripping them! And if you do that, you might not be invited back! Instead, to initiate conversation, I placed  sample stories from all six of the Not Your Mother's Books into brightly colored envelopes.

Read My Shirt!

     When I attended the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon in August of 2012, I wanted to promote the two books I was co-creating for Publishing Syndicate, but I wasn't sure how to do it. I printed flyers and had business cards made, but that didn't seem like enough to really draw attention.

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