WordFest Writers Meet

WordFest meets the first Tuesday of every month from 6-8 p.m. in Longview, Washington. At this time, the group meets at Cassava Restaurant. Writers and anyone who likes to hear a good story fill the restaurant to hear the night's sheduled readers. Book launches are held and portions of works-in-progress are tried out on the audience.

Workshop: Writing for Anthologies by Pat Nelson

The Pacific Northwest Gift Gallery in Castle Rock, Wash., is offering writing workshops with Pat Nelson, Mary Ellen Stone and Carolyn Caines. Topics include "Writing for Anthologies" (Nelson), Crafting Dynamic Dialogue (Stone) and Journaling/Writing Memoirs (Caines). Cost is $15 per class and advaned registration is required. Nelson's workshop on anthologies will be held November 15 from 11 A.M. - 1 P.M.

The Gift Gallery at 1316 A Mount St. Helens Way N.E. Castle Rock, Wash., features the talent of 66 local artists, artisans and authors. For info call 360 274-8583.

Jo-Ann Carson Posts Excerpt From Lisa Lange's Story

One of the story contributors from my Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Being a Parent was interviewed by Jo-Ann Carson (www.Jo-AnnCarson.com). Lisa Lange told Jo-Ann she has been writing for 10 years and  has been published in magazines, Chicken Soup for the Soul and Not Your Mother's Books. Read Lisa's story Parenting Lessons I Learned fro Apollo 13 in NYMB .  . . On Being a Parent. Lisa was great to work with. Thanks, Jo-Ann and Lisa!

Selling at a Book Festival? What Not To Do

  You've written a book. Now it's time to head for the book fair to try to sell some copies. Here are 10 mistakes I've seen:
1. Author purchased space but didn't show up (Maybe the author had a good excuse?!!)
2. Author did not bring table covers. The bare table looked ugly.

Writing With Others

As a writer, I like to hang out with other writers. We inspire each other. We learn from each other. But writing groups aren't all the same. I've belonged to groups filled with wonferful people, but groups that were not critique groups; they were for people writing their family histories. Once you've joined a group and you become friends with its members, it's hard to drop out even when it's not filling your writing needs. But at this point in my writing career, I need critique from my fellow writers.

My First Book, "You . . . the Credit Union Member."

When I was a sixth grader, I first realized I wanted to write. I enjoyed English classes in high school and took creative writing in college. I married in 1967, at age 20, and by the time I had two children, I felt driven to write a book before I turned 30. I must have thought I'd be "old" once I passed another decade mark!

Treading Where It's Not Comfortable!

With the publication of the book I co-created, "Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Being a Parent," I had to think outside the box about ways to promote the book. Some of those ways did not feel good. In fact, they were highly uncomfortabe!

"OMG! My Reality"

Books by and for young readers and writers.

Publishing Syndicate needs your stories for these three books:


I don't play computer games.  But I could spend all day, day after day, editing and proofreading.  It is my addicting game.

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